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Clean   Odor Free   Environmentally friendly.

These are just a few of the words to describe water treated with our water treatment systems and products. Can you imagine completely eliminating odor from your operation? The following are just some of the benefits you can receive:

Odor will be eliminated.

Water and pit sludge will be free of hazardous petroleum hydrocarbons, and your car wash will be environmentally friendly and EPA compliant.

Eliminate Odors . . . Environmentally friendly.

Algae buildup on cloth, brushes and equipment will be significantly reduced so your operation stays cleaner.
No more bleach or acids will be needed to keep equipment clean.

Laguna Ltd wishes to introduce a revolutionary new "patented" product to the carwash industry.
"Blixitt" Bio-Tabs" are unique in that they release oxygen already present in the reclaim water thereby eliminating the need to add an aeration system to the process.

Bio-Tabs are formulated to consume all the petroleum hydrocarbons as well as all other hazardous organics present in reclaim vaults and catch basins.
Bio-Tabs $15.00 each

Buy Bio-Tabs Now from 2CO

Blixitt Elimante Odors

"We struggled with terrible odors from our reclaim water for nearly a year. After just a few days the odor was completely eliminated. I drop one Bio-Tab into the tank each week and I can completely forget about it. It was the most effective and the easiest solution to our reclaim problems."
Kelly Geiger
Wash N' Go Depot


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